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Hi-Decorative Fence

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Hi-Decorative Fence

Galvanized and PVC coated decorative with option of aluminum K-Dag solar post and SHS steel post

Introduction :

Hi-decorative fence is made with 6mm vertical wire and ornament 6mm or 4mm and 6mm horizontal wire welded together at eac intersection with 1.13m, 1.55m, 1.96m height. It very low coat, durable and very bountiful option and first time in Saudi Arabia wit aluminum post with solar lighted post. It is very smart choice to protect your property with nice architect loo, low cast, and 1st time in Saudi Arabia with aluminum post with solar lighted post.

Benefit :

  • It is professional fence with unique contemporary design. The panel are rebuts and yet extremely elegant and decorative.

  • The System is very easy ti install. All elements are precisely integrated and the system allow installation between and on wall.

  • It exist in different height, with assorted posts, swing gates (single or double) and installation accessories.

  • Very robust mesh

  • Impact resistant - its mesh size prevents climbing

  • Good color stability


  • Parks

  • Road edges

  • Front yard of residential/commercial building

  • villas

Gates :

The system is totally finised and safely equipped with single or double gates

Posts :

  • Fence post made of SHS 50X50mm or 63.5x63.5mm with 2.52m interval with option welded bottom for concrete surface application or anchored for soil/concrete surfaces
  • 120x100mm K-DAG Aluminum post wit 2.60 interval with option of solar light and without solar light
  • Supplied with clamp, fixing accessories,nut and bolts


The panel is out of heavy welded fence, 2500mm wide and available in 3 height. The mesh size is 55x200mm. The wire is very strong. The horizontal is 6mm amd 8mm and the vertical is 6mm, The wire sizes can be changed to meet any budject requirments

Standard Colors:

Green (RAL6005), White (9010), and Black (ral9005) Moreand other colors can be selected and can be available on request.

Finish Options:

Products are hot deep Galvanized to BS EN 1461 Galvanized and Powder coated to BS EN 13438 Hotdip Galvanized and PVC Coated. Only powder coating to non standard Marine Coat Coating for application near salt water.

Standard Drawing:

Standard Dimension: